SilvermuseetSilvermuseet in Arjeplog

The Ornament

Silvermuseet uses a stylized ‘Mary ornament’ as its logo.The ornament is an Ave Maria monogram, a symbol of Jesus’ mother, and consists of a Gothic ‘M’, often adorned with a crown. This type of ornament is a common piece of jewellery used in both Nordic folk costumes and in the traditional Sámi dress.

Originally, the ornament was meant to be sewn on as part of a matching pair lining each side of the collar of a garment. A lacing was threaded through the ring ornaments to draw the opening together.

In traditional Sámi dress, the ring ornament was often used simply as a decoration on women’s silver collars.

  • Likely from the 1700s, this ornament was recovered during an excavation at Tjatsvagge, Arjeplog.©Silvermuseet
  • Its clasp is in the shape of an ‘A`
    ©Jerry MagnuM Porsbjer
  • The silver collar is richly decorated with Mary ornaments.©Jerry MagnuM Porsbjer