SilvermuseetSilvermuseet in Arjeplog

Museum staff

Silvermuseet has seven permanent employees, and also extra staff that works often during the weekends and some evenings.
In the organization of the Silvermuseet we also have INSARC (Institute of subartic landscape research) which eleven researchers are working with.
On behalf of the municipality of Arjeplog the musuem also conducts as a tourist information centre.

Ingela Bergman
Museum manager, manager for INSARC, associate professor in archaeology
Sofia Flinkfeldt
Museum education,responsible for the museum´s public activities
Lotta Eriksson
Receptionist, shop manager
Malin Brännström
Guest researcher, postgraduate at department of law at Umeå universitet
Anna Blomgren-Carlman
Tourist information officer, receptionist
Ann-Kristin Öberg
Museum assistant. Archives, library and objects care
Gry Helen Siversten
Museiassistent, responsible for advertising and website (Parental leave) Locum tenens: Elena Lango
Gunilla Balkow


During the period 2012 until 2017, the research program "Recalling the past" is carried out, which is funded by the Bank of Sweden jubilee foundation.

Ingela Bergman
Project Manager , Associate Professor , archeology . INSARC
Lars Liedgren
PhD, archeology. INSARC
Per Ramqvist
Professor , archeology . INSARC and Umeå University
Greger Hörnberg
Associate professor, ecology. INSARC
Torbjörn Josefsson
PhD forest, ecology . INSARC and SLU,Umeå
Lars Östlund
Professor , forest history, INSARC and SLU , Umeå
Thomas DeLuca
Professor , soil chemistry. INSARC and the University of Washington , Seattle, USA
Lars-Erik Edlund
Professor, INSARC, Scandinavian languages ​​. INSARC and Umeå University
Lars Elenius
Professor , History
Olle Zackrisson
Professor , Ecology and forest history. INSARC and former Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Umeå
Malin Brännström
Guest researcher, postgraduate at department of law at Umeå universitet

Museum board

Silvermuseet is a municipal foundation and it´s board consists of five members.
Three of these and their alternates is appointed by the city council. The museums manager is co-opted member

Majlis Granström
Dan Brändström
Gunnar Blomgren
Torbjörn Holmström