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Opening hours

We are open all year, however, opening hours change depending on season and holidays. Here you will find a complete overview of all the opening hours of the year.


Note: All information are subject to change

Current opening hours at front page.

Regular openinghours
Mon-Fri: 12 – 16
Sat: 10 – 14
Sun 15/1-12/3: 12 – 14

Easter 6th – 10th of April
Thur: 10 – 13
Fri: closed
Sat: 10 – 14
Sun: 10 – 14
Mon: 10 – 14

1th of June – 18th of June
Mon-Fri: 10-16
Sat: 10-14
19th of June – 6th of August
Every day 9-17
7th of august – 27th of august
Mon-Fri: 10-16
Sat: 10-14

24th- 26th of December: closed
31st of December: closed
6th of Januari: closed
During December we’ll have some extended opening hours. Those will come in Novermber

1th of May: closed
17th of May: 10-13
18th of May (Ascension Day): closed
The National Day of Sweden 6/6: closed
3rd of November: 10-13
4th of November (All Saints’ Day): closed