SilvermuseetSilvermuseet in Arjeplog

Founder of Silvermuseet, Doctor Einar Wallquist, moved to Arjeplog in the early 1920s to serve as a provincial doctor.

After only a few years in the area he bought a house close by the newly-built cottage hospital. It was a two-storey house painted red, and would come to be his home for 60 years. Einar Wallquist left his personal mark on his home and its atmosphere still reveals that a creative person with a great capacity for creating a pleasant and warm setting for himself and his family once lived here.
The home was more than just the house, however; it was just as important that the surrounding environment be beautiful and inviting. The Doctor planted a dazzling garden around his house and, if that was not enough, both the cottage hospital and what was supposed to have been Arjeplog’s train station were also soon surrounded by leafy greenery.

Einar Wallquist passed away in 1985 at almost 90 years of age. The Wallquist family donated the Doctor’s house to Arjeplog Municipality in the early 1990s. Each summer, in July, Silvermuseet holds guided tours of the Doctor’s house. Those who take the tour can learn the story of Doctor Wallquist’s life, which, apart from his work as a physician, also included both art and literature and major involvement in Arjeplog’s historical and community life.

Einar Wallquist left his personal mark on his home

  • Doctor Wallquist created a pleasant home for himself and his family.©Silvermuseet
  • He wrote his popular literary works in the home’s cosy living room. ©Silvermuseet
  • Einar Wallquist spent many hours in the drawing room
    and music was often heard through the windows of the Doctor’s house.©Silvermuseet